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WalkJogRun Feature: Favorite Routes

Did you know you can mark routes as “Favorite”? It's another way to add to your growing list of WalkJogRun routes. Go ahead at try it out. It's quite simple:
1. Log in so your favorite routes can be added to your account.
2. Click on Routes to see your routes or to browse others.

  • If you click on My Routes you'll see miniature versions of the routes you created. See that little star in the upper right corner? Click this to add it to your Favorite Routes.
  • If you're browsing other routes, click the little star in the upper right of the white box containing the route link.

You can also favorite a route when you're viewing it. In the upper right corner of the box with the elevation graph, you'll see the same little star.
To see all of your favorite routes, click My Routes and there you'll see the tab for Favorite Routes.
Cool, huh? What are some of your favorite routes?