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WalkJogRun.net for Mashable Award

We've had quite the successful year so far thanks to all of your support. To round out the year, we're nominated for Mashable's award for Best Location-Based Service. We need your help to win! You can vote once a day through November 29, 2010. The top 5 from each category will be announced December 1 […]

Bank of America Chicago Marathon: My First Marathon!

My first marathon. I ran the Chicago Marathon last Sunday. It should have felt fabulous when I crossed that finish line, right? That's what I was trying to tell myself. I put my hands in the air for the finish line photo because everyone else was and I thought that doing so would make me […]

Chicago Marathon Playlist

If you're like me, then the music you listen to while running greatly influences your pace. I know, I shouldn't be this reliant on my music. I run without music quite often, but I'm running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday and I figured if any distance needs music, it's a marathon! Listening to music while […]