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Chicago Marathon Playlist

If you're like me, then the music you listen to while running greatly influences your pace. I know, I shouldn't be this reliant on my music. I run without music quite often, but I'm running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday and I figured if any distance needs music, it's a marathon!
Listening to music while running isn't always bad. To help keep my pace slower in the beginning, I've front-loaded my playlist with “mellow” songs. I say “mellow” but they're actually just mellow compared to the rest of my songs! This of course isn't my full playlist.
Mile 1-5

Mile 6-12

Somewhere around Mile 13:

Mile 14-16:

Mile 17-19:

Mile 20:

Mile 21-24:

Mile 25-26.2:

It's pretty heavily loaded with artists Rusted Rood and Xavier Rudd. They get me through all my long runs. Who are your favorite artists for running playlist? Have any songs you think I should listen to?