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Find a Running Event Near You

Powered by Active.com, our new Events page is a listing of running, walking, cycling, and triathlon events in the United States. For folks not in the U.S., don't worry, we're adding other countries in the new year. Simply type in your city and state and select the type of event you'd like to participate in. On your screen you'll see up to 100 of the next upcoming races in that area. Click on an event for a description of the race and registration fees and deadlines. This is how I found the Chicago 13.1 that I'm thinking about doing. Looks like a fun race! See one you like? Most events have a “register now!” button that brings you to the event's registration page.

We have yet to add a feature that lets you upload a WalkJogRun.net route to the event listing. It's coming soon, though! In the meantime, if you've mapped a race on our site, email the link to Adam. He'll work his magic to put the course on the event's page. A page with a route included looks like the Turkey Trot 8k Adam is running here in Chicago.


If you've participated in the event before, share your experience in the comments section on the page. Thinking about a race? Comment on the event page and share it with your friends on social media. I commented on a local Turkey Trot that I was thinking about doing, linked it to my Facebook profile, and within minutes I had some Facebook friends telling me to run it. It's a great way to get that extra motivation to get out and race!


Find a race you'd really like to do but don't know how to train for it? We've got you covered! We have 23 customizable training plans available to download for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Get daily pop-up notifications of the day's plan and training tips for the plans' creator, Coach Jenny Hadfield.

What do you think of our new Events page? We love hearing from our fans!