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WalkJogRun Privacy and Data Usage Notes

Given the recent focus on privacy and data we thought it would be worth outlining what data we collect about you and for which purpose. If there is something we haven't covered, please let us know and we'll update this article accordingly.

User account

email address – only ever used by you to login to the account and by us if you opt-in to our infrequent newsletter so we can send it to you.
username – very public. We tell people it's a bad idea to use your real name or your email address as a username…
password – private and used by you to login to the account. We email this to your registered email address if you forget your password.
gender and age – aggregated once a month for our advertiser materials to help them understand if our audience is worth their time and money. E.g. 45% female, 60% 18-24. Nothing personally identifiable is public but as with everything it's stored in our secure database.
sport – used to differentiate your routes to make them easier for others to find routes targeting a specific sport


location data – can be marked private, otherwise very public. Bear this in mind when creating routes starting or finishing at your home or place of work.
route descriptions – only private if you mark a route as private, otherwise it's very public.
group membership – if you join our running groups any routes you contribute to the group will be marked publicly as such.
username – automatically set to your username and public unless the route is private. If you're not logged in the route is marked as a guest route.

Training Data

training log – all training diary data is public at this point with the exception of your weight which is hidden from anyone not logged in as the owner of that training log. We figured everything else wasn't a privacy concern but by all means let us know if you think it is.
route data – see above – a training diary entry with route data that is public will be available for anyone looking at your training log.
races – if you have recorded any race times in your diary, that will be reflected here for all to see including your PRs. This information is available on most race results sites so again, we figured it wasn't as important to protect. However, unlike race websites we don't publish your age, location and real name – just your username. Location of the race, not your hometown is all we show.

iPhone/iPad specific data

For the most part, the iPhone and iPad apps collect similar data with exactly the same intended uses. User account info to log you in or create an account. Gender and age are collected to aggregate as part of overall audience stats.
We don't currently support route creation on those devices so the only location data we send is to the webserver to retrieve the routes near wherever you are.
Training plan purchases and program dates hit our webserver along with your current timezone so we can send a 6am notification each day to let you know the plan for the day. If you are logged in when you purchase a plan it also records your username against the plan. Down the line we anticipate adding additional support to training plans to allow you to access your data online at a computer or receive notifications by email, both of which will be optional.
When we do support route creation the same principles outlined above for route creation and privacy will apply. The only thing that conceivably differ would be if you chose to publish a “livetracker” feed to share your location for a race or a training run with family, friends, twitter, facebook or anywhere else. At that point, how you choose to publish that information is under your control. We will not make your livetracker public unless you ask us to publish it in our “current runners” feed.

Advertising and Analytics

We show third party ads on the website delivered by Google Double Click for Publishers and Google AdSense. These platforms attempt to deliver relevant ads by your current location determined by your computer or mobile device IP address and other data they collect in a cookie. You can opt out of this data collection here: http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/view
We do not provide any further information beyond the basic setup. Specifically we will not share your personal demographic information about age and gender.
We also use similar data about your location (determined by IP address) and device characteristics (which browser you use and screen size) to get an idea of who is coming to the site, where they are coming from, are they using the new features we launch and are we supporting the devices and screen sizes people care about.
I hope this is a thorough, somewhat interesting explanation of what we use and how we use it. As I said at the start, if I'm missing something please let me know and I'll add an update to answer your question publicly since someone else might have the same question.