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52 Marathons in 52 Weekends

The WalkJogRun team would like to introduce our new podcast, TalkJogRun! Subscribe to the WalkJogRun podcast in the iTunes store to access all our free podcasts. If you have the contact information for anyone with an amazing story who is part of the fitness community, e-mail Adam. We are open to all ideas from inspirational […]

The Rules of the Road

In the fast paced world we live in, it seems like everyone's always in a rush to get wherever they're going. Since moving to Chicago, I've learned there are no rules for laying your car horn down on someone moving too slow after a green light, or failing to pass a stopped bus. Drivers get […]

Race Goals and the Running Connection

How many of you run for the joy of it or to actually beat a record? When it comes to marathon running, I have always judged my performance on how I feel and whether I finished. I may get upset with myself if I know I haven't followed my training plan and end up with […]

Fit before 50: One mans weight loss and fitness journey

Many of us have been fitness addicts for years. However, for Niall Young of Derby, England, fitness was not always something that made the top of the to-do list. Many of us have different aspects of life holding us back from living a healthy lifestyle. Whether that is a full-time job, lack of motivation, or […]

From the cornfields to the city lights

I recently moved to Chicago after four years living in the cornfields of DeKalb, Illinois. I became aware of a few differences between suburban and city running. When I lived in DeKalb, I got yelled at every time I ran. You know, the typical “Run Forrest!” or some other catcall/whistle. I started to believe this […]