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Fit before 50: One mans weight loss and fitness journey

Many of us have been fitness addicts for years. However, for Niall Young of Derby, England, fitness was not always something that made the top of the to-do list. Many of us have different aspects of life holding us back from living a healthy lifestyle. Whether that is a full-time job, lack of motivation, or simply not knowing where to get started.

I first heard of Niall's weight loss accomplishments on our Twitter feed. He always tags us when speaking of workouts he planned to complete each day. Niall elected to start working out after a few close friends experienced health problems. At forty-nine years old, he promised to get in the best shape of his life before his 50th birthday. He began exercising and eating a more sensible diet. Niall has just over a month to go before turning 50, and his before and after pictures show he has kept the promise he made himself! Niall has lost a total of 42 pounds since starting his fitness journey in May.

Niall did not become a seasoned runner overnight. He started his fitness journey by walking a little each day. After one week of walking, he began power walking. His walking fitness went from just two miles a day to up to seven in a little over a month. By July he was able to start jogging. He now runs four to four and a half miles five evenings a week. It is amazing to see the way Niall started off with no base, and is now working towards a five mile run.

Niall tracks his daily running routes on WalkJogRun, extending the distance weekly by about half a mile. He believes tracking his training on WalkJogRun has really helped with his fitness goals.

Niall says, “WalkJogRun.net has helped [me] immensely…I have used a pedometer which is not as accurate when switching between running and power walking. I often get varying results for the same route. So WJR gives me accurate mileage and route planning without the need to run with a pedometer.”

Niall's story proves that becoming a runner is a goal anyone can achieve. Niall is a testimony to the fact that not everyone starts running to work towards a race goal. Niall decided to start a get fit campaign for his own fitness and to gain the benefits that come from better health. Those who don't know where to start on their weight-loss journey can start with a small goal of a 5K or one mile run. These are small goals to keep your running and motivated towards your weight-loss goal. The WalkJogRun app features many training plans to provide a detailed outline of where to start. What's holding you back from reaching your own fitness goals today?

Congratulations to Niall on his weight-loss and fitness goals! We are excited to see what's in store for him in the future of his health and fitness! Has anyone else experienced weight-loss from starting an exercise regime? We'd love to hear about it!