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From 0 to 26.2: How one man finds a healthy niche in marathon running

Greg Bruno wouldn't have believed you if you told him he would be running a marathon a year ago. His father, an avid marathon runner, called him from the Chicago Marathon expo in 2010 and told Greg he was going to run the Chicago Marathon in 2011. Greg had only just started doing a few P90X workouts and running a mile here and there after deciding he wanted to get in shape. He had never competed in any type of race before in his life. He knew running would help get him in shape since his father has run over 28 marathons. Greg signed up to run with CARA and began following their training plan created by Hal Higdon. He was excited to begin marathon training because it was something his father did. Greg stuck to his training plan and completed his first half-marathon in April. He had a slight IT band injury at week 13, and needed to walk through many of his runs for about a week. He still got out there and completed the distance.
On October 09, 2011, Greg passed the finish line at the Chicago Marathon. Once a man who never did any type of exercise, he now plans on running two marathons a year.
Greg's favorite moment of his entire weight loss and marathon-training journey was hugging his father at the end of the marathon. Greg said, ''Giving him a hug was better than getting a medal. It meant a lot to be able to do the race together.''
I asked Greg how he stayed motivated to keep up with his runs and weight loss. He said, ''The best motivation I had was myself. I found a bad picture of myself and put it on my phone. If I ever needed motivation I looked at it and knew I had to keep going. Your main motivator is yourself.''
Since 2010 Greg has lost over 80 pounds and is now a marathon runner. When I asked Greg what caused such a dramatic weight loss, he said, ''I didn't change a whole lot of my overall lifestyle. I just watched what I ate. I didn't drink any soda or eat anywhere that had a drive through. Those things [along] with the running really helped.''
Greg has some great motivation for new runners, ''Even though every step is difficult at first, it gets easier and those steps get less and less difficult. If you set little goals, you can finish them.'' He shared his favorite quote with me, ''There will come a day when you can no longer do this, and today is not that day.'' This quote has been quite a motivator for him as well.
How do you stay motivated with fitness and exercise? We'd love to hear your tips!
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father son marathon