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The Transition to Indoor Running

Chicago snowstorm winterAs it starts getting colder outside, I shudder thinking of the snow that will inevitably cover the ground in just a month or so from now. I am excited for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, which also means some extra calories coming in from food I love and normally don't get to eat. To this situation, I would normally say “well, just go run more.” However, with cold temperatures only getting colder, I'd be lying to say my fitness routine isn't suffering a bit. Most people have very busy lives and this means rushing to work, school, or whatever else they have going on. I've tried getting up early to go for my run before work. However, as soon as my blanket came a little off me at 6AM, I quickly pulled it back over me; realizing how freezing it had to be outside by the temperature in my room at that hour.
When I leave work, it's already dark outside and just as cold as the morning. After 5:00, I don't really feel like running anyway. I want to go home and tidy up my apartment, cook dinner or visit with my friends. These are not feelings I had before it started getting cold outside.
Somehow, I deal with this seasonal transition every year. I guess the problem I had in the past was I didn't figure out a balance. I signed up for a May Marathon last year, and didn't end up running it because of how hard I found it to train throughout the winter. When I ended up outside, I would slip on some ice, or I would be thrown off because I couldn't let myself run at pace for fear of slipping on a sheet of black ice.
This winter I am going to take a different approach. After talking with Coach Jenny last week for our podcast episode, I was inspired to figure this out. She made me realize there's nothing wrong with running on a treadmill. I am now going to join a gym. Joining a gym will have me on an elliptical or treadmill three days a week, and running outside only two days a week. The more I think about it, that's a better consistency than the two days a week of running I'm sure would have been my base all winter. Chicago snowstorm winter running
What do you do throughout the winter to stay in shape? Do you continue to run outside? Would you prefer a gym with all the amenities for a higher price, or a 24-hour basic gym for a lower price? I'd love to hear your schedules throughout the day, and how you make time for fitness! Comment below with how you fit it all in!