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Why You Should Run With a Partner

In this week's episode of TalkJogRun, we interviewed Andrew and Sue O'Brien of Partnerunning. They have an amazing story and have started an organization to teach others about the importance of running with a partner. Key Points of this Podcast: Why you should run with a partner: For the motivation and encouragement of one another […]

WalkJogRun's Favorite Running and Fitness Memories

We wanted to know WalkJogRun users' favorite running, walking or fitness memories. We put them together so you can see all the treasured moments of WalkJogRun users. My favorite running or fitness memory is/was: WalkJogRun's Adam: Running the San Francisco Marathon in 2006. Then I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2009 with a time of […]

The New Face of WalkJogRun

As many of you probably noticed, there are a few changes we made to WalkJogRun's navigation. We've also been working away redesigning the site to make it easier for you to use everyday. We love the way it looks and think it will be much easier to use the site. We would also greatly appreciate […]

A Guide to Dressing in Layers

This morning Steve Kindred of SweatVac visited the office. We are designing some great WalkJogRun race hats (sold out). As an introductory offer, we are selling these race hats at a 25% discount from the list price, for only $15. If you are interested in purchasing one of these hats, pre-order it today! We are […]

WalkJogRun Shoe Drive

WalkJogRun has partnered with Share Your Soles to organize a shoe drive benefiting impoverished people throughout the world. If you are in the area of our office, please donate any gently worn shoes or sneakers. We ask only for gently worn shoes to respect the dignity of those receiving them. For some recipients, it will […]

Weight Loss Tips From The Biggest Loser's Amanda Arlauskas

For this episode of TalkJogRun, we interviewed Amanda Arlauskas of The Biggest Loser Season 8. Amanda talks about her experience on The Biggest Loser and how it has changed her life. She gives us advice on fitness, health, and nutrition. Amanda explains why the marathon is not the race for her, even though she finished […]

The Best Holiday Gifts For Runners

The holiday season is approaching and many of you are in a scramble to find the perfect gift for your loved one, who just so happens to be a runner. Fear not! I put together a list of some ideas that they will love (or that I would love–hint, Mom). The best thing about these […]