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The Best Holiday Gifts For Runners

The holiday season is approaching and many of you are in a scramble to find the perfect gift for your loved one, who just so happens to be a runner. Fear not! I put together a list of some ideas that they will love (or that I would love–hint, Mom). The best thing about these gifts is they are all in some way available online. You can read about how I prefer online shopping in last week's blog post about Black Friday. When it comes to holiday gifts for runners, you won't disappoint if you pick one of the gifts below. Cold Gear:
If you live in a cold area, warm running gear is a necessity. I love Under Armour's 1/4 zip jacket. You can get jackets like it at any running specialty store. I know Under Armour can be expensive, but it's amazing the number of times you can use these jackets in a winter. They definitely help keep you warm, without weighing you down.
Let's face it. Socks seem like a lame gift, but not to a runner. I can't count the number of socks I've had to throw away because I couldn't stand looking at the gross bloodstains from various marathons, or because they had holes in them. Socks are great stocking stuffers. Specialty running socks are great, and a perfect gift because you can never have too many pairs.
Foam Roller:
If you haven't heard Celebrity Personal Trainer, Ashley Borden's thoughts on the necessity of foam rollers, you should listen to the interview with her. These are inexpensive and something the runner in your life will use forever.
Race Entries:
Running can be extremely expensive. If the registration hasn't opened for a race that you know your friend wants to run, get creative! Create a card and write the name of the race on it. Put the amount it will cost to enter the race in the card. The great thing about this gift is it also keeps the runner motivated. If you buy someone a race entry, you're going to ask them how their training is going. This makes it less likely for them to not run the race, since it was a gift.
Magazine Subscriptions:
Men's Health, Women's Health, Runner's World, Fitness, and SELF are all great options. I love reading these magazine for core workouts, recipes, and motivation.
If the runner in your life is also a reader, there are tons of books with tips for runners. WalkJogRun is raffling off one of Dane Rauschenberg's books, “One Man 52 Weekends, 52 Marathons.” E-mail me your favorite running quote for a chance to win the book.
Tech Shirts:
A runner can never have too many tech-shirts. Check out the long-sleeve WalkJogRun tech shirts (sold out), perfect for the chilly weather. We have some short sleeve shirts (sold out) left as well.
iPhone App:
The WalkJogRun iPhone app is best holiday gift for not only runners, but walkers and anyone else trying to get in shape. The January update will have a GPS capability and the ability to view and edit the training diary from the app. It will also allow for the creation of routes in the app. This is the perfect motivational tool for anyone in your life who wants to get healthy. In the App Store, click “Gift this App,” or just download it for yourself!
Runners love massages. Get the runner in your life a gift card for a massage, and this is surely to be a hit. For the ladies in your life: a pedicure gift card would be a great way to go as well. We may tear up our feet while running, but that doesn't mean we don't like to treat them from time to time.
Medal Racks:
Sometimes runners like to brag. Well, maybe that's just me. Adam's wife, Melissa, got him a great medal rack for his birthday. Jeff helped to create the design with the WalkJogRun logo. We wanted to share these with you, as you'll probably love them as much as we do. They are available from Knob Creek Medal Arts for US $34.99.
Runners love new shoes, but it's better to get them a gift card to a running specialty store. Even if you know their shoe size, every shoe is made differently and it's better for them to get fitted themselves.
For even more gift ideas, check out our interview with Fleet Feet Sports Chicago's Dave Zimmer!
If you're a runner, what do you want for the holidays? Do you have any suggestions that I've missed? If you're a runner, what's the best holiday gift you've ever received? Comment below!