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A Guide to Dressing in Layers

This morning Steve Kindred of SweatVac visited the office. We are designing some great WalkJogRun race hats (sold out). As an introductory offer, we are selling these race hats at a 25% discount from the list price, for only $15. If you are interested in purchasing one of these hats, pre-order it today! We are getting a limited number in next Wednesday. If you want these to arrive before Christmas, be sure to select the appropriate shipping option based on your location. If you select express shipping, for a higher price you may be able to get these in time for the holidays! You can also let the recipient know you have ordered the hat, and ship it to them directly.
In this podcast episode with SweatVac's Steve, we cover the importance of layers while running. In our conversation, Steve offers advice about how to layer your clothes and know which layers you should be wearing on a particular day.
Some key points in this podcast:

  1. Be comfortable. Don't overdress when you go out running.
  2. Wear a polyester blend, NOT cotton!
  3. Dress for about 15 degrees warmer than it is outside
  4. Wind-proof gloves are great for cold days
  5. Always wear a shirt to wick moisture away from your skin