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WalkJogRun's Favorite Running and Fitness Memories

We wanted to know WalkJogRun users' favorite running, walking or fitness memories. We put them together so you can see all the treasured moments of WalkJogRun users. My favorite running or fitness memory is/was:
WalkJogRun's Adam: Running the San Francisco Marathon in 2006. Then I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2009 with a time of 3:48. I trained for the Wisconsin Marathon in 2010 and destroyed my 3:48 time. It was my first marathon in a year and a half, and I lost 30 pounds training for it. It was great to run it knowing how many miles and hours of training I had put in.
WalkJogRun's Jeff: My favorite moments were taking after dinner walks around the neighborhood with my wife while she was pregnant which gave us the time to talk about where our life was headed. Now that we have 3 kids, we do our best to keep our after dinner walks going with them and talk about life. No need for a finish line; no personal records to beat. Just time with our kids away from TVs and video games and computers.
WalkJogRun's Caitlin: Finishing my first marathon and not knowing if I could ever do it again. Then finishing my second marathon, and knowing I can do it again. I also saw a man with a ton of “I'm Running For..” ribbons on his back. I thought it was amazing how many people he was running for and thought it was really inspirational.
Deb Miller: Finally getting to run a half-marathon with my daughter after years of running alone. She beat me, but it was so fun to have a family member to run most of the race with!
Jovan Bone: Running two marathons in a month.
Richard Tremblay: When I crossed the finish line of my very first timed run at the Quebec City Marathon this past summer. This very day, Hurricane Irene struck Quebec and the organization had to cancel the 42.2K event for safety reasons. I was running the 10K, facing winds of 40 km/hr. For me, it was the results of months of training and a complete change in my life habits.
W. Krup: One of my favorite race finishes was at the old Great Western 30k. After running sub 7-minute miles for two hours, and seeing nobody near me, I was content to maintain pace and simply finish. Unknown to me, another runner was catching up and with only 150 yards to go started to pass me. I was competing in the CARA race circuit, and a quick glance made me believe he was in my age group. We both took off at a dead sprint to the finish. Normally, the finish to a 30k is not sprinted and the spectators really got into our competition. As we approached the finish line, I was just inches ahead of him. We were both straining and totally spent. A photographer for the Chicago Amateur Athlete caught a great photo of us and it ended up in their publication. We entered the chute in a true photo finish with me just a bit ahead. The funny thing was that he was not in my age group.
Vanessa Lamb: The very first moment AFTER I finish a run. Every run is an accomplishment for me. Eight months ago, I couldn't walk 1km, let alone run it. Now I run 25km a week and just entered my first half marathon.
Sam Goddard: The Tidworth 10K charity run. Good off road fun and one big monster hill.
Paul Lee: My favorite race memory was setting a 5k PR. I couldn't believe it when I saw the clock :). I wish that my favorite memory was finishing a half marathon, but I was injured the week before.
Anna Richmond: The look of astonishment on my daughter's face as she finished her first 5K run with me for Race for Life and realized it was just a bit longer then she thought.
Tara Vanderploeg: Approaching the finish line, spotting the clock and realizing that I'd beaten my goal by a long shot! :)
Terri Perez: The look on my husband's face when he “coached” me across the finish line at my first half marathon as well as the tears that we shared!
Amy Lasher-Tibbetts: My first race, a 7k March 2011. I ran with a girlfriend, and we crossed the finish line under what we projected and gave each other high fives like dorks!
Mark H Grant: Never completing a race longer than a 5k in my life and in 2011 completing the Schaumburg Sprint Triathlon, The Chicago International Distance Triathlon, and the Monster Dash Half Marathon.
Gemma Gemalar Brunt: My favorite memory was taking part in Humber Half Marathon. I suffered an injury (28 degree temps were not fun either) and by the last 100M I'd had enough, I had nothing left but then my friend's little boy ran under the tape grabbed my hand and ran the last bit with me, I could have cried :). The race was hell but that more than made up for it.
Ellen Geiss Kumar: My favorite race memory was winning a JV Girls CC race in high school, at a multi-school event. We weren't usually split into 2 teams (V and JV) and as a result I was always mid-pack. Running that course and maintaining lead was a feeling I won't forget.
Dawn Nettleton-Frey: Crossing the finish line with my sister at the Hartford Marathon last year!
Todd Perrin: Watching my wife cross the finish line for her first half marathon.
Andrew Brown: Running for charity in the Bristol Half Marathon this year and hearing EVERYONE call out my name.
Kath Dodd: Running past temples and over the golden bridges through the night in the Bangkok Marathon, and through the park (seeing a snake and thinking I was hallucinating but wasn't!) in the 24-hour race.
Vicky Broadwell: The Bristol Half Marathon, as well as sharing an iPod with my husband whilst running under the suspension bridge so that I could listen to Elbow, “One day like this” as I'd deleted it from mine!
Irene Haines: I turned 50 this year and lost 50 pounds. I needed a new goal so trained all summer for a triathlon. I hurt my shoulder two weeks before. Three days before I hurt my back and quad. I had my PT fix me up. The biking did a number on my back and leg but when I got off and started running I knew I was almost there. My right foot was numb but I ran anyway. I came around the last corner and there was my daughter on my bike riding me in. Her face was priceless, “Mom you did this!” What could be better! I sprinted to the finish line!
Julia Lyon Dresser: Approaching the finish line on my 18 mile run to find my whole family jumping up and cheering me on. Best feeling ever!
Carmen Polwarth: It would have to be the week off work to travel from Australia to run in The Bay to Breakers 100th run in San Francisco last May. I have never enjoyed a run so much. Great people, lots of fun and a PB as well!
Simon Harvey: When I finished my first marathon well under the time I had predicted, it was a great feeling when I saw that clock.
Denise Power: Seeing an old lady wheeled out by her elderly husband to watch the Basingstoke Half Marathon and the look of sheer joy on her face as she watched the participants racing past!
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