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Why You Should Run With a Partner

In this week's episode of TalkJogRun, we interviewed Andrew and Sue O'Brien of Partnerunning. They have an amazing story and have started an organization to teach others about the importance of running with a partner. Key Points of this Podcast:
Why you should run with a partner:

  • For the motivation and encouragement of one another
  • To make a commitment to the other person, then you are committed to the workout as well
  • To set goals-training together for a specific race, creating a shared goal
  • Discipline-to set goals and go after them together

The 3 P's of Partner Running

  • Preference-do you want to run together, train together, attend events together?
  • People-who do you want to run with? Is it your life partner, a friend, co-worker, roommate?
  • Partnership-make sure you are clear from the beginning. Is this a coach/mentor training relationship or more social?

Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear all about the importance of running with a partner!
Do you run with a partner? Comment below with why you like to run with a partner, or why you choose not to!