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Why Runners Should Care About High Heels

I read this article from ABC News about the dangers of wearing high heels. I think this study is definitely something runners should think about before putting on high heels! “A first-of-its-kind study published last week in the The Journal of Applied Physiology found that wearing high heels could lead to permanent damage of the […]

Joggling: Juggling and Running

What is Joggling? Joggling combines running and juggling. Joggling requires the competitor to juggle at least 3 balls while running. The rules require that a juggling pattern must be maintained whilst running, and if an object is dropped, the joggler must return to the point where the object fell and continue from there. -International Jugglers' […]

Songs To Help You Run Faster

Let's face it. Some songs pump you up more than others. For those of you who like to run to music, I have some great recommendations. We've done a previous blog post with a marathon playlist, but this is a little different. Sometimes a good song will make me run faster no matter how I'm […]

New School Lunch Programs Aim to Fight Obesity

I recently read an article from the New York Times, about how for the first time in over 15 years, the National School Lunch Program has raised nutrition standards. I have a few comments to make about this article, and would love to hear your own thoughts as well. “As parents, we try to prepare […]

Running Motivation: Excuses and Solutions

Sometimes it's hard to find motivation to run when you really don't feel like it. There's always excuses that you can think of to put it off. I don't consider myself particularly lazy, since I am a marathon runner. I'm sure most of you can relate to knowing you need to complete a run, but […]

Trail and ultra marathon running: getting started is easy (podcast)

Meet Andy Bowen. Bowen is a trail and ultra marathon runner. Training for ultra marathons has helped him realize what running is all about. He isn’t interested in constantly breaking records or beating his previous times. He enjoys testing his self preservation and truly finding out how long his body can last. IN THIS PODCAST Andy […]

Live Q&A with Coach Jenny Hadfield and WalkJogRun

We are so excited to be hosting a live chat with Coach Jenny Hadfield We'd love to have you join us! This Q&A is the perfect opportunity for you to get answers to your training questions. Have you started using the WalkJogRun Training Plans and have a few questions? Perhaps you have a general question […]

How Much Laundry Makes a Runner?

I've thought a lot lately about how much laundry runners go through in a week's time. I recently went about a week and a half without doing any laundry. I try to do it every week. I got pretty busy, and an extra half a week of laundry built up before I got around to […]

The Benefits of Running Naked

Have you ever wondered what it was like to run…naked? Well, The Naked Runners have! They started a movement hoping to get people to ditch the distractions, and get out there to run! I'm sure many of you can relate to always needing to carry an iPod or mp3 player on your runs. Maybe you […]

Run Safe With Social Media

As a young woman living in Chicago, I use a variety of social media tools to keep me safe while running. I create my routes on WalkJogRun, check-in at different locations on foursquare, tweet, and text on the run. In this blog post, I will explore these different social media outlets, and explain why they […]