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Hiking Manoa Falls in Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii Waterfall
I recently took a week vacation on the Oahu island of Hawaii. I had an amazing time and definitely some memorable experiences. My family and I went to Manoa Falls, which is an amazing hiking trail leading up to the most beautiful (well, the only) waterfall I have ever seen. I took my camera on the hike and decided to share some pictures with you. I definitely would recommend this to anyone in the area, or visiting Hawaii. It's free to hike up Manoa Falls, but about $8 USD for parking.
Waterfall Hiking
I'm not a big hiker only because there aren't a lot of options in Illinois. Whenever I do get a chance to hike, I love it. Although this route was about a mile and a half, don't think it's not a workout. I was sweating ten minutes into the hike. I was sore the next day in my shins from the constant uphill climb.
The hike up is easier than the way down. On the particular day I went, the trail was extremely muddy. Although the pictures we got to take at the top were my favorite, there were great photo opportunities throughout the rest of the hike.
The nature we saw throughout the hike was unlike anything I've ever seen. We saw “Tarzan” type ropes, which my brother swung across the first opportunity he got. I, on the other hand, tried to attempt this but realized I need to work on my upper body strength, ha.
It took about an hour to get to the top. There aren't paved paths throughout most of the hike. You climb over rocks, hold on to trees, anything you can to make it to the top.
At the top, we took a few pictures. I saw some kids swimming in the waterfall at the top, which I would not recommend. The water is definitely not clean, and you're not supposed to swim in it. I would've loved to do that if I knew the water was clean. I remember an old episode of Full House, and the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, both which had an episode or scene of a couple jumping off a waterfall into the water. I'm not sure where these places are that it's safe to do, but I'd love to do that someday.
Hawaii Hiking
I learned a few hiking lessons during this adventure. If you're going to go hiking, especially up Manoa Falls, don't wear flip-flops. I wanted to look cute for the pictures at the top, and decided to wear flip-flops over sneakers. Big mistake. My flip-flop broke halfway through the hike down. I tried managing with one flip-flop but mud got stuck between my toes and it wouldn't stay on. I ended up walking down barefoot. Ask any of my family members, it was not a pretty sight. As much as I groaned on the way down, I loved the hike.
I hiked and explored a few other places throughout the week, so be sure to check the blog for more posts!
The pictures and the story were definitely work the agony over the broken flip-flop. Do you have any places that you would recommend for hiking? We'd love to hear some of your own stories!