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How Technology and Social Media Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

It's a new year and for many of us that means getting out there and accomplishing new fitness goals. I love social media and I find that it can really help inspire you to meet your goals. I've created a list with my favorite apps, Facebook pages, and Twitter handles and how they relate to fitness, nutrition, and inspiration. Be sure to buy (if applicable), like, or follow them and start on your way to better health and fitness.




Coach Jenny's life revolves around helping runners reach their goals. Jenny answers questions daily ranging from running your first 5K, to getting the best tips on injury prevention. She is also the creator of the WalkJogRun Training Plans, now available for free on the site. Coach Jenny's Facebook page is great because you can look at questions and answers from other runners as well.


Best Recipes:

I like this page because it is a lot like the WalkJogRun Facebook page. The Best Recipes page owners post recipes, as well as facts about different foods that are in season. I like reading occasional news articles related to food and recipes. Best Recipes also has a big fan base, so you can connect with them to inquire about recipes, or ask about one you are looking for.


Runner's World Magazine:

I love reading about everything related to running. Runner's World Magazine is definitely a Facebook page to “Like” if you want the latest content related to the running world. They always post interesting things and it always happens to relate to me. If I have some knee pain one day, I'm surprised when I see there is a new post about what to do for knee pain.




Ashley has over 20 years experience as a fitness trainer. We love seeing her blunt updates telling us to get off our butts and get out there to work out! She gave us a ton of tips in 2011 on fitness and nutrition that you can view here. If you follow Ashley on Twitter, you are sure to get some good fitness tips throughout the year.



Eat This, Not That finds the outrageous calorie counts in foods you would never expect. For example, I recently learned that a serving of Pasta Roni Fettuccine Alfredo has the sodium of 4 medium orders of McDonald's french fries! All of these tweets are very valuable information. They will definitely help you from unknowingly messing up your diet plans. These tweets are also very useful in learning which foods to avoid!



Running Quotes is great because the quotes can motivate you to get off the couch, and out to run. New quotes are posted everyday and there's always new ones. I love that they simply post quotes. It's very inspirational to spend a few minutes reading the new quotes on their Twitter page. Their description is very simple as, “Quotes to keep you running,” and their page is exactly that.




Come on, people. Did you really think we wouldn't include ourselves in this list? ;-). The WalkJogRun app is perfect for helping you reach your fitness goals. The app has 23 professionally developed training plans, and the ability to view routes where you are. If you're going on vacation, or looking for a new place to run, the WalkJogRun app is perfect for you! I am currently working through the Beginner Run Marathon Program. I'm only on week two, but my training is going well. Even though the marathon I'm training for will be my third, this beginner plan fits in very nicely with my schedule. I love being able to see my plan right from the app, and set the dates there as well.


Whole Foods Recipes:

Most of us have a budget when it comes to maintaining our health and fitness. What I love about the Whole Foods app, is they have a ton of recipes for you to try. It's a great money saving tool because they have a section called, “On Hand,” where you can add the foods and ingredients you already have. The app will then show you a recipe based on those things, so you don't end up buying a million things at the store. This is definitely a benefit for those on a budget!



I used this app for two months in the past and it helped me to lose about seven pounds of college weight I was carrying around. Most of us don't realize how quickly calories add up. I would definitely recommend this app for calorie counting. I need to start using the app again, as much as I hate counting calories! The one part I hate about counting calories is having to measure my food exactly. In order for the calories from MyFitnessPal to be accurate, you need to measure everything down to the spread of butter you put on your toast. It's tedious, but it definitely helps with weight loss. There are similar apps out there including Daily Burn, and Lose It!

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