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Running Motivation: Excuses and Solutions

Chicago Polar Dash

Sometimes it's hard to find motivation to run when you really don't feel like it. There's always excuses that you can think of to put it off. I don't consider myself particularly lazy, since I am a marathon runner. I'm sure most of you can relate to knowing you need to complete a run, but really wanting to rest instead. In this blog I will explore different excuses I use myself, and solutions that can help solve them.

Putting off the runs can really effect your weekly mileage. I've been running every day since January 1st, but sometimes I'll just run a mile because I'm busy or I feel it's too cold outside.


  • I can't go to the gym or I'll lose my parking spot
  • It's too cold to take the bus to the gym
  • It's too cold to run more than a mile outside
  • I really want to spend time with my roommate
  • I want to go out and I won't have enough time to get ready if I run now
  • I can't get up early enough in the morning to workout
  • I'm battling a cold
  • I'm still sore from last week's long run
  • I don't have any clean laundry to go running in
  • I'm too sad to run
  • I run enough already

You've all heard these excuses before. Maybe you've said a form of them to yourself at some point. The reason I truly believe these excuses are avoidable, is because I've been working on solutions all month. Some of you just may not be morning runners. In the winter, I'm definitely not a morning runner. I've noticed that going to the gym after work before I go home helps a lot. If you stop at home before running, it's harder to get more motivation to leave the house again.

Sometimes some of your excuses can be the very reason you should go run.

In 2009, my daddy passed away from cancer. My biggest excuse at the time was being “too sad to run.” However, I also felt guilty because he made me promise I wouldn't stop running. I managed to trudge outside somehow, and finish training for my first marathon. I trained with my friend, Shanelle, and ended up having a great summer. All those endorphins can really do a body and mind good! I also know how great Shanelle and I felt (& looked! :-p ) from all the miles we put in.

Last weekend, I wasn't sure if I would participate in the Chicago Polar Dash Half Marathon. I signed up for the race at the 2011 Chicago Marathon Expo. I knew the race was months away, but I was lured to sign up by the awesome fleece pullovers they handed out at registration.

My friend sent me a video (see below) that really made me stop to think. It's a Nike ad that really should push you to just get out there. I think the video is extremely motivational for any aspect of life, not just running. After watching the video, I knew I was going to at least try the race. I ended up not only finishing the race, but getting a 6 minute PR in the half-marathon at 2:18:10. Adam also finished the race with an impressive PR of 1:39:51, coming in 35th place overall. As for myself, I came in 494th place overall, and I'm okay with that :). Ha!


  • Track your training on WalkJogRun, with the free training diaries

  • I enter my training entries daily, and I love how you can see your progress over time

  • Share those training diary entries to your Facebook and Twitter

  • It's an easy way to get motivation and encouragement from your friends and family members

  • Follow a specific training plan

  • I follow the WalkJogRun training plans because I know how important it is to follow a plan to stay motivated. If you are constantly striving towards a goal, you're more likely to make it happen.

  • Don't skip meals!

  • It's so important to eat regular healthy meals. If you don't eat right before a run, you're less likely to go out there and complete it. Sometimes I'll skip breakfast and it affects the rest of my day. Don't do that!'

  • Run with a friend

  • As I mentioned above, running with my friend really helped me get motivation. If I didn't feel like running one day, I knew I had to anyway because my friend had planned it in her schedule

What are some excuses you've had for not running in the past? What solutions did you come up with to solve the problem? Go for a run today, and let us know how it goes!

video courtesy of www.youtube.com