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Songs To Help You Run Faster

running songs

Let's face it. Some songs pump you up more than others. For those of you who like to run to music, I have some great recommendations. We've done a previous blog post with a marathon playlist, but this is a little different.

Sometimes a good song will make me run faster no matter how I'm feeling that day.

I'll admit I'm extremely weird when it comes to music. I've listened to the same 100 song playlist for at least a year. Yes, I add new songs occasionally, but for the most part it's the same songs I listen to. Since I've listened to so many of these songs more than once, I notice the specific songs that make me run faster. These songs are all I need to get the motivation to push the treadmill speed up.

I recommend checking out these songs! Do they help you run faster?

I'm not sure what the science is behind certain songs making you run faster, but I'd definitely recommend these songs if you're having trouble getting through your run and need some pump-up jams. I think I need to separate these songs from my main playlist, and into one of their own. It would definitely help me run faster throughout an entire workout!

I'd love to hear any of your song recommendations. Do you think certain songs have the ability to make you run faster?