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Why Runners Should Care About High Heels

I read this article from ABC News about the dangers of wearing high heels. I think this study is definitely something runners should think about before putting on high heels!

“A first-of-its-kind study published last week in the The Journal of Applied Physiology found that wearing high heels could lead to permanent damage of the calf muscles by increasing the mechanical strain on the muscles and shortening the muscles' fibers, all thanks to the flexed, toes-pointed position of the feet that remains even after you kick off those stilettos…The findings suggest that the women in high heels walked with “shorter, more forceful strides” and engaged their muscles as opposed to their tendons, leaving them vulnerable to injury and prone to muscle fatigue, the Times reported”

I think I finally have an excuse not to wear high heels! I cringe at the words, “permanent damage of the calf muscles.”

How often do you wear high heels? Have you ever thought about health risks they can cause? I'm curious how many runners actually wear high heels.