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Why Do My Knees Hurt When I Run Outside?

My knees sometime bother me if I run outside. What can I do to to help it?

Coach Jenny:

Knee pain can arise from a variety of things. Based on your comment, your knee pain may be due to the change in terrain – going from inside on a tread to outside – there is an increase in the impact forces when you run outdoors (not bad, just is) – especially in the colder months of winter when you're running on cold muscles. Things that can help – muscle release with a foam roller for your quads, hips, ITB and calves – if these muscles are tight, they can pull on the knee joint and cause knee pain. Here is a video on how to foam roll for runners: http://youtu.be/69S-dTdjL8Q

Also, if you are running indoors, transition to outdoor running more gradually by running shorter runs and building up. Making sure you're properly warmed up before you head out (even a hot shower pre-run).

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