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Run a Marathon On Every Continent

run a marathon on every continent

Challenging adventures are a big lure for many marathon runners. Running a marathon on every continent is a unique experience that requires a great deal of dedication. Although more people are getting involved in this challenge, not too many have completed this feat!

For this episode of TalkJogRun, we interviewed Jennifer Purdie who has run a marathon on every continent. She finished this in 2010, and it only took her two and a half years, while maintaining a full-time job. She has loads of advice for anyone interested in trying this someday. Be sure to tune in to the podcast and hear about the joys and challenges involved in running a marathon on every continent.

Key features of this podcast

  • Why you should sign up for the Antarctica Marathon today
  • Why people crawl up the stairs during the Great Wall Marathon
  • The differences between marathons in various countries & much more!

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Have you run a marathon on every continent? Do you think it's something you'd like to try after hearing about Jennifer's experience? Share your thoughts, by commenting below!

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Duration: 24:19