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The Ragnar Relays

ragnar relays

Racing can be exciting, especially if you are being cheered on by your relay team the entire time. The Ragnar Relays are 12 person, 200 mile running relay races. It typically takes about 30 hours to complete the race. Each team breaks up the mileage, averaging about 15 miles each.

At the moment, The Ragnar Relay Series only has events in the United States. The race series does have plans to expand internationally.

In this podcast I spoke with a Ragnar Relay Series race director. It was great to learn all about Ragnar Relays and how they work. The race definitely seems like a fun time, filled with energy from runners, teammates and fans alike.

In this podcast you will learn everything you need to know about the relay.

The race director suggested training for a 10K or half marathon, depending on which relay legs you're running. If you need a training plan to get started, be sure to check out our free 10K and half marathon training programs.

Tune in

If you're interested in running a Ragnar Relay, be sure to listen to this podcast to learn everything you need to know, in about 20 minutes! You can play the audio by clicking on the player below. You can also click “Download” below the player.

Duration: 23:21

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