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65 Year Old Finishes 30,000 Mile Walk Across US

This weekend, 65 year old Steve Fugate finished his 30,000 mile walk around the US. He started this trek in 1999, following the death of his son. Steve continued walking in 2005, when his daughter was killed by an accidental drug overdose.

“I came up with the idea, of putting love life over my head and walking across the United States. I'm going to keep walking and I'm going to keep loving life. Loving life is easy. People think it isn't, it's easy. If I can love life, [anyone] can. You get up in the morning, you fall in love with the act of breathing. Grip it every morning and just say 'I love life.' “

It is great to see that Steve has kept such a positive outlook on life despite all these tragedies. Steve has been called a “Real Life Forrest Gump” throughout the internet! He is out there to encourage others and 30,000 miles later, it's clear he is dedicated to his goal!

What's the furthest distance you've walked or run?

video courtesy of www.youtube.com