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Fitness in the Workplace

Many companies are taking great efforts to ensure that they foster health and fitness in the workplace. Some are thinking of new and innovative ways to support employee exercise and overall well-being. Sitting at your desk for eight hours a day isn't exactly the best for your health. A recent study by the University of […]

I Finished the Race, Now What?

I finished the race, now what? This is the question on many runner's minds after they reach a new goal. If you finished your first 5k, do you keep running 5ks to get better times, or do you graduate to a new distance? What about those who didn't think their training went very smoothly? Perhaps […]

A 3 Day Superfoods Diet for a Super You

This week our recipe contributor, The Kitchen Vixen, shares a 3 day diet to help you infuse a few popular superfoods. Be sure to check these recipes out and let us know what you think! Someone was handing out a 3-Day Diet that contained such “non-super” foods as saltine crackers, hot dogs and vanilla ice […]

Haunted by Heel Pain? It Could be Plantar Fasciitis

This is the first running injury post by Dr. James Nace. He will be covering all sorts of common running injuries, as well as specific questions from runners. If you have a specific question, or a running injury that you would like covered by Dr. Nace, click “Ask the doctor” at the bottom of the […]

Text Chat with Coach Jenny: April 06, 2012

Our monthly live text chat with Coach Jenny is next Friday! Be sure to join us to get any of your training questions answered! Now that Spring is here, and we're all running more often, we probably have a few training questions. All you have to do during the event is go to a computer […]

The Beer Runner: An Expert on Beer Running

Beer running is getting pretty popular. I interviewed The Beer Runner who told me all about his run streak and beer streak. The Beer Runner started his streaks on October 04, 2010 and since has not missed a day of running…or drinking beer. We talked about how fitness coincides well with drinking. The Beer Runner […]

Tips for your First Triathlon

We are interviewing an experienced triathlete for the TalkJogRun podcast next week. We often discuss marathons and other running races on the blog. I wanted to know tips that triathletes have for others looking to compete in their first triathlon. As I started asking the question, “what's your triathlon tip,” I was surprised about how […]

Study Shows Running Shoes are Beneficial

A recent article in the New York Times discusses the differences between wearing running shoes and going barefoot. …the researchers taped 150 grams' worth of thin lead strips to the top of runners' stockinged feet. By adding an equal amount of weight to the bare foot, they could learn whether barefoot running really was physiologically […]

The Incredible & Oh, So Versatile, Edible EGG

This recipe is a contribution by The Kitchen Vixen. She provides WalkJogRun with weekly healthy recipes for runners. In this post she offers a lot of valuable information about eggs that I didn't know. For example, who knew that you could still eat eggs a few weeks past the sell by date? I usually toss […]

Tips for taking race photos


For all of us who participate in races, we may have never thought about all the hard work put in by those behind the scenes. Marathons can have thousands of race photographers, all trying take the best, most attractive photo. This week we interviewed a photographer who has been taking photos at races since 2005. […]