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WalkJogRun's Top-Ten iPad App

We are pleased to announce WalkJogRun is number seven on the list of most popular Health and Fitness apps for the iPad. WalkJogRun is the only iPad app for finding running routes. In lieu of Apple announcing the release of the new “iPad” earlier today, we thought we'd announce the success of our iPad app.

Top-Ten Health and Fitness iPad app

We are pleased to realize that we are the only app on the iPad for finding routes. We are listed as number seven in the most popular Health and Fitness apps for the iPad. We've been surprised that other popular running apps such as RunKeeper or MapMyRun have not created apps for the iPad. This really reiterates the fact that WalkJogRun is so much more than just a GPS app.

Our iPad app allows people to get access to every area of their training in one spot. If you create routes on the site, you can see them on your app. All 23 training plans are included in the app as well.

Key features of the new iPad

  • 4G LTE technology -Downloads 10x as fast as the current iPhone and iPad
  • Voice dictation -Which can translate speech-to-text for email and messaging dictation
  • High-resolution retina display -Picture is as good as print
  • Launched iPhoto for iPad -Offers multi-touch editing and sharing tools
  • Starts at $499 for WiFi models -Apple will be offering the older iPad 2 for $399

WalkJogRun App Update

Our much anticipated update to the app is expected to be finished in one month. This update will allow users to find routes, create routes, track routes with the most accurate GPS tracker in the App Store, add to and view your training diary, or work through one of our 23 professionally created training plans.

So if you decide to spring for a new iPad when it's released on March 16th, or an iPad 2 at the discounted price, be sure to download the WalkJogRun iPad app. It will bring every aspect of your training to the palm of your hands.

Not an iPad user? We have an iPhone app, and our Android app is coming shortly!