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Tips for taking race photos

how-to-take-good-race-photosFor all of us who participate in races, we may have never thought about all the hard work put in by those behind the scenes. Marathons can have thousands of race photographers, all trying take the best, most attractive photo. This week we interviewed a photographer who has been taking photos at races since 2005.

Ken Ilio is a freelance race photographer. Sometimes Ken will make his way to a race as early as 5:30 a.m. to ensure the spot he wants on the course. After the race starts, he only stays in that spot 20 minutes before moving on. This is all in an effort to take a picture that will capture your eye, and make you remember it.

If you’d like to browse through some of Ken’s photos, check out his blog or portfolio.

Ken Ilio’s tips for race photos

  1. how-to-take-good-race-photos-2Perspective is key. Take pictures from different angles. For example, if you have access to a building along the route, that gives you a different view than what you’re used to seeing. 
  2. Get ready. Prepare yourself way before your runner approaches you. They go by fast. Which brings us to …
  3. Be prepared to run. Sometimes you have to run with your runner to get the picture you want.
  4. Speed up your shutter. To avoid blur, you want a fast shutter speed.

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