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Study Shows Running Shoes are Beneficial

A recent article in the New York Times discusses the differences between wearing running shoes and going barefoot.

…the researchers taped 150 grams' worth of thin lead strips to the top of runners' stockinged feet. By adding an equal amount of weight to the bare foot, they could learn whether barefoot running really was physiologically more efficient than wearing shoes.

It wasn't. When barefoot runners and shod runners carried the same weight on their feet, barefoot running used almost 4 percent more energy during every step than running in shoes.

To the surprise of the researchers, barefoot running, often touted by fans as more natural than wearing shoes, was actually less efficient.

It's important to note that the study looked only at the metabolic efficiency of wearing shoes, compared with going barefoot. The scientists didn't evaluate the common claim that barefoot running lowers injury risk.

What do you think about the findings in this study? Is your preference to wear shoes, or go barefoot, and why? Comment below with your thoughts!