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I Finished the Race, Now What?

I finished the race, now what? This is the question on many runner's minds after they reach a new goal. If you finished your first 5k, do you keep running 5ks to get better times, or do you graduate to a new distance? What about those who didn't think their training went very smoothly? Perhaps they feel like giving up running altogether, and just crossing that one off the bucket list! I wanted Coach Jenny's advice on these issues!

Next Friday, we're text-chatting with Coach Jenny about these questions, and you're invited to attend, for free. What can people do ensure they don't give up running altogether-but transition to what is appropriate for them next? Coach Jenny will be addressing these very questions. Be sure to set yourself an email reminder for the event!

Do you have a question for Coach Jenny? Comment below and we will get it answered during the text-chat!