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The Science Behind the Runner's High

A recent article by Scicurious at Scientific American explains a lot of the theories behind the “runner's high.” The article came down to the fact that no one really knows why the runner's high occurs, but there are theories on how it might. Scientists are still chasing the runner's high, and there's not yet a […]

Creamy Dressings

These creamy dressing recipes are the second in The Kitchen Vixen's “Healthy Recipes for Runners” series. She provides four different variations, depending on your preferences. She will be providing weekly healthy recipes that will provide runners with the fuel they need. If you have a specific recipe you'd like to see featured, send us a […]

Favorite Run of the Week

We are now sharing fan photos as our Facebook cover image! Did you take a photo on a run lately? We'd love to include it as our favorite run of the week! Send us a high-resolution landscape image of your favorite place to run to be included as our “favorite run of the week!” Include […]

Running to Work

run to work

  It’s podcast Friday! This week I learned so much from The Run Commuters who explained everything they know about running to work. Running to work is gaining popularity, and The Run Commuters blog about their experiences on their website. In this podcast they explain how they got started, and how you can too! I […]

WalkJogRun's Top-Ten iPad App

We are pleased to announce WalkJogRun is number seven on the list of most popular Health and Fitness apps for the iPad. WalkJogRun is the only iPad app for finding running routes. In lieu of Apple announcing the release of the new “iPad” earlier today, we thought we'd announce the success of our iPad app. […]

Turning Non-Runners Into Running Partners

Sometimes runners just can't convince their friends and family to pick up the sport. This can be frustrating, as you probably want everyone you know to share your love of running. During our live text chat with Coach Jenny, someone asked how they can convince their friends to run with them. This caused me to […]

Healthy Recipes for Runners: Mango Smoothies

This is the first recipe in Elizabeth Brown's “Healthy Recipes for Runners” series. Today's recipe is a Mango-Bean smoothie. She provides three different variations for people with different nutritional needs and preferences. She will be providing weekly recipes that will provide runners with the fuel they need. If you have a specific recipe you'd like […]

How Can I Improve My Marathon Finishing Time?

For all you marathon runners, I can't imagine anything more frustrating than not improving your finishing time from race to race. I've only run two marathons, and my time improved in the second race. I know I'd be pretty upset if I did worse than my original time, especially if I thought I'd trained to […]

Runner reaches 25 years of running every day

Starting a run streak is a great way to commit yourself to running. Stuart Calderwood, Senior Editor at New York Road Runners, recently hit a 25 year run streak milestone. The United States Running Streak Association, Inc. compiled a list of people who run every day. The record for running every day is currently 43 […]

March 02, 2012: Live Chat With Coach Jenny

Our second live chat with Coach Jenny is TODAY! This Q&A is the perfect opportunity for you to get answers to your training questions. Don't have a training question? You can still join as a reader, and learn from other people's questions. We hope to see you at the live chat! Time of Event CST […]