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Android App Kickstarter Project

We just launched a Kickstarter Project to create an Android version of our app. We've found some great developers, and realize that in order to develop the WalkJogRun app for Android, we need some funding. The funding will support not only the initial development and release, but maintenance along the way. The app will cost the same amount as the iPhone app, (US $4.99), and remain in constant development.

Apps come with bugs that need to be fixed, and since we're iPhone developers, that brings the extra costs that come with hiring Android developers to work through them and continue to develop the new features you ask for.

WalkJogRun is entirely bootstrapped meaning we do all this for the love of running and helping other runners, with just a little more coming in than we spend on pizza and keeping the servers running! We've been very successful with the release of our iPhone app, downloaded by over 40,000 people. We've built a huge update to the already great iPhone app, and want to make it available to all the Android users (why should iPhone users have all the fun?).

We've come up with a list of great incentives for helping fund our Kickstarter. Be sure to check them out and see if there's any way you can help us bring the WalkJogRun app to the Android platform. If you're an Android user, and would like to see the WalkJogRun app come to your phone, please share our Kickstarter Page with anyone you think would be interested in the app coming to Android phones, or the incentives.

Our huge iPhone app update will be ready April 16th, making it the most comprehensive running app, and most accurate GPS tracker for the iPhone. We want to make this amazing running app available for all the Android users who have been patiently waiting for its release.

If we get more donations than our goal, we will use it for continued app development, and to get an earlier release date for the Android app. Thank you so much for considering donating to our Kickstarter project, we greatly appreciate your generosity!

We look forward to this Kickstarter Project journey, and hope we can be fully funded in the next 60 days (by June 2, 2012). Unfortunately, Kickstarter's rules state that funding is all or nothing. We do not receive any pledges unless the full amount gets funded. You can view our Kickstarter Page, here. and if you have any feedback or questions please don't hesitate to let us know.