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Runner of the Week

We love our fans! We're starting a “Runner of the Week” blog where we will share your stories! Reading other runners' stories is a great way to stay motivated yourself! We want to hear how you got started running, and how it has changed your life. What does running mean to you? Why do you run? Let us share your story!

We'll interview you and write a blog post about your story! After you nominate yourself, please recommend another WalkJogRunner! We want the community to be inspired by WalkJogRunners' stories and accomplishments. This is also a great way to learn what others using the site are training for, and how they came to love running.

If you haven't already, please join our Facebook and Twitter communities! This is a great way to stay connected to us and other WalkJogRunners!

Email the Runner of the Week Coordinator! You can also comment below with your email address, or the email address of someone you'd like to nominate, and we'll get in touch.