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How Can I Maintain Running Consistency?

This is an excerpt from our text chat with Coach Jenny on April 06th. If you have a question you'd like to ask Coach Jenny, click “Ask Coach Jenny” at the bottom of the page. We'll get your question answered during our podcast chat in May!

How can I maintain running consistency? Some days I'm not motivated, and other days I'll go for a six mile run. How do you stay motivated throughout the whole week to achieve a running consistency?

Being consistent isn't easy – but it can be easier when you train and run by your body rather than your watch. That is, in many cases consistency is broken from over reaching or out running pace wise where your body is on the day. For example, I ran 6 miles on the trails yesterday and was having a tough go at it. Had I focused on my watch I would have pushed too hard to meet that goal and I would have woke up spent and not wanting to run. Instead, I ran by what my body felt like, ran a solid 6 miler and finished slower than I planned. Pace is merely the outcome but can be a culprit in breaking consistent training. Train in the right zone with purpose and you'll keep the momentum flowing.