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Runner of the Week: Ryan J.

This week's runner of the week is Ryan J. from Falkirk, Scotland. He's a husband and father of three boys. In his spare time and during his lunch hours, he likes to go for runs! He and his family like the outdoors and exploring the hills of Scotland. When Ryan's boys get older he hopes to be able to take them running through the hills.

Favorite Candy: Yorkie (it's not for girls, but that's not why I like it!)

Favorite Quote: “A happy wife is a happy life!”

WalkJogRun: Tell us about yourself and how you got started running!

Ryan J.: I've always been sporty. Growing up in South Africa my days were filled with loads of different sports, but I never really got into running at all (unless it was with a ball at my feet, or chasing one). I moved to Scotland about 14 years ago, got married and now have three amazing little boys, aged 9, 5 and 2. My spare time quickly diminished and our Hogmanay (New Year) photos from 2011 proved to be the deciding factor in taking up running! I did not like what I saw so decided to do something about it. I started running in my lunch breaks because that was the only spare time I had, with a demanding work and family life. At first I couldn't run a mile without stopping, now I'm training for my first half marathon distance in about 4 weeks' time.

Runner of the Week

WalkJogRun: What helps keep you motivated?

Ryan J.: The motivation comes from knowing I can push harder and further than I used to. My body's in the best shape ever, but so is my mind. I've found half the battle is overcoming thoughts like “I can't do it”, “This is too hard,” and “STOP!” I love running now. I'm excited about getting out there. Plus, I live in a beautiful country.

WalkJogRun: Tell us a bit about your racing history and what are you training for, if anything?

Ryan J.: I've only run one competitive race, that was a 10k last year. I ran in 53 minutes, which was okay, considering I stopped about 7 times and didn't train properly for it. Since January 2012 I've started taking my training more seriously, hitting the roads more often and trying to go further and keep the speeds up, or at least consistent. I'm about 8 weeks into a training plan to run a half marathon distance in early May (though I've just gone over my ankle so training this week is off – gutted!).

WalkJogRun: How much are you running per week?

Ryan J.: 20 – 25 miles (32 – 40 km)

WalkJogRun: What's the best piece of advice you could offer another runner or a newbie runner?

Ryan J.: Take your time, enjoy yourself and have fun running. The results will come!

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