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Is a Gym Membership Necessary?

This is an excerpt from our text chat with Coach Jenny on April 06th. If you have a question you'd like to ask Coach Jenny, click “Ask Coach Jenny” at the bottom of the page. We'll get your question answered during our podcast chat in May!

In your opinion Coach Jenny, do you think a gym membership required? Most training plans call for cross training..but this could also be done outside. What should runners do for fitness besides run?

It depends on the person, how much time they have in their life, what they enjoy and more. The value of a gym or a class at a studio is the variety of ingredients in terms of training, especially during the cold weather months. A core class for example could be of tremendous value to a runner trying to improve form, speed and efficiency. Someone who can't run every day can benefit greatly from using other forms of cardio that are lower impact (elliptical, spinning, swimming…) These are all things you can do at home as well with body resistance exercises (push ups, lunges) or DVD's – depends on the person.