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The Youngest Female to Run Across America

Many people have big goals when it comes to running. Some of us hope to get to Boston someday, while others of us simply wish to compete in the local 5k at the end of the month. This week we interviewed Katie Visco, who ran 3,200 miles in nine months at the age of 24. She ran from Boston to San Diego and became the youngest female to ever run across America.

Katie and I went to the same high school, but she graduted a few years ahead of myself. It is amazing to see somebody following their dreams and not giving up.

In this podcast we discuss her run across America, and how she came up with the idea. She tells us about some of her favorite moments along the way.

Competitor.com made a great video highlighting Katie's run across America. Be sure to check it out to get a preview of Katie's goals and why she decided to do this.

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