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When Should You Stop Running Because of Pain?

This is an excerpt from our text chat with Coach Jenny on April 06th. If you have a question you'd like to ask Coach Jenny, click “Ask Coach Jenny” at the bottom of the page. We'll get your question answered during our podcast chat in May!

Coach Jenny, as most people know there's a certain level of pain that comes with running a marathon and training for one. When should a person know that it's time to stop running through the pain and discomfort? Are there any big cues to keep in mind?

Yes. If you are no longer able to run without altering your stride – it's time to rest and seek advice. Often times your body will give you clues ahead of time (yellow flags) that are tweets to you letting you know you need to ease back on the throttle and let your body heal. If you listen when the yellow flag flies, you can off set the risk of it getting worse. Many times it simply means running easier, shorter or actively resting with lower impact activities to give your body a break. Train by your body not your head and you'll have a direct line into feeling your way through and ebbing and flowing through training as you should.