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Chicken Ratatouille: Delicious French Cuisine in 40 minutes

What's on the menu this week? Our fabulous recipe contributor, The Kitchen Vixen, just posted a delicious chicken ratatouille recipe.

If the idea of French cuisine doesn't make you say, “Ooo, la, la,” but instead makes you shake your head and say, “Oh, no, no,” either because French food tends to be too rich, or too time consuming, then you are not alone. “Mais, j'ai une recette qui est facile.” That's French for, “I have a recipe that's easy.” Although I studied French for 6 years, it's been more than 20 years since I've used it, so pardon the translation.

This is one of my favorite healthy meals that is both filling and full of good nutrition!

Ratatouille is a dish that originated in France. It's derived from the word “touiller,” and literally means “to toss food.”

So have at it. Have fun. You can't mess this one up if you tried. Well, perhaps if you tried to not stir the ingredients or to set the heat too high. So, while you cook, adjust the heat as needed and stir the ingredients with a wooden spoon or heat resistant rubber spatula. Be sure to cook your brown rice or quinoa first so you can set it aside to “fluff up,” while you prepare your Ratatouille.

Bon Appetite and “a votre sant