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Running on a Vegan Diet

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The diet of a runner is very important. Food is what keeps our bodies sustained to run all the miles we do. We've talked to many runners on the WalkJogRun podcast who have shared their views in conversation from everything from eating meat, to eating vegetarian. From what I've seen in the blogosphere and varying online forums, there can be a stigma surrounding an extreme to one side or the other. There are those who believe eating too much meat will negatively effect your training and health, and those who believe people eating vegan or vegetarian diets aren't getting adequate nutrition. Where is the equilibrium?

I stumbled across Scott Spitz's blog, and I wanted to hear about his experience as a vegan runner and athlete. Scott has been eating a vegan diet for over 17 years, and holds a 2:25 marathon PR. The one thing I loved about speaking with Scott about vegan running, is he never once tried to convince me that it's the way to go.

Omnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan, it's up to you! It's still very interesting to hear from someone who has maintained a strict diet for so long and maintains such impressive training stats. Feel free to comment below with your opinions, or check out Scott's blog for more information on vegan running.

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Do you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, or do you feel meat helps you with your training? We'd love to hear your thoughts!