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Tips for the Triathlon Transitions

The main focus to most of our blogs and podcasts is running. Well, there is a three sport event that includes running, biking and swimming. The sport of triathlon! This week I spoke with Kristy Petrillo, an experienced triathlete with tons of tips for newbies. Her introduction to athletics started with the triathlon. Since beginning to compete, she has run a few half marathons.

For her, the triathlon is a great way to fit in cross training. I think she's right! The triathlon is something we should all try at some point, even if it's just the sprint distance. The triathlon is an easy way to train different muscles, as each sport focuses highly on a different muscle.

Tired of always competing in the same event? Give the triathlon a try. The event automatically diversifies your training. In this episode of TalkJogRun, the focus is the transitions of the triathlon. The transitions in the triathlon are from the swim portion to the bike portion, and the bike portion to the run portion.

Tune in

Tune in to this episode of TalkJogRun to learn tips from an experienced triathlete on how to get started, as well as how to master the transitions. She explains why the triathlon is the sport for her and why it may be for you as well.

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Duration: [28:43]

Do you have any of your own tips for mastering the triathlon transitions? Share them in a comment below!