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WalkJogRun Running Routes Launches Android App Project on Kickstarter.com

WalkJogRun seeks to bring most comprehensive running app to the Android platform. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 03, 2012 – WalkJogRun.net launched a Kickstarter Project today aiming to bring their highly acclaimed iPhone app to the Android platform. WalkJogRun hopes to get fully funded by June 2, 2012 in order to release […]

Runner of the Week

We love our fans! We're starting a “Runner of the Week” blog where we will share your stories! Reading other runners' stories is a great way to stay motivated yourself! We want to hear how you got started running, and how it has changed your life. What does running mean to you? Why do you […]

Why do my knees crack?

Runner Question: My name is Sophia, I’m sixteen and I’m a high school runner. I started running at the beginning of last year, starting off with a few miles a week. I started running 3 miles everyday during the summer months of 2011, and in the fall I began cross country. We run 6 days […]

Stretches to Help Plantar Fasciitis

Early last week, Dr. Nace gave us an overview of plantar fasciitis and explained what it is. Now that we know what plantar fasciitis is, we wanted to know a few exercises to help prevent it, as well as treat it. Meredith Franczyk, MPT, shares some great tips and stretches. She will continue to blog […]