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Quinoa and Brown Rice: Two Grains are Better Than One

Repeat after me everyone… KEEN-wah. That is the phonetic spelling for this word, quinoa. I know, it looks like Kwin- No-Ah and that is exactly how I pronounced it when I first discovered it. As if I actually discovered it? Quinoa is an ancient grain from Peru where it is a staple in the diet. […]

Pantry Raid: What Would They Find in Your Kitchen?

I recently read an article in the LA Times Health section about dietician Ruth Frechman doing a pantry raid on a 29 year old woman. It's very important for runners to get adequate nutrients in their diet. Sometimes when you're in a rush, simple meals like Ramen noodles can seem like a lifesaver. However it […]

Runner is No Longer Prisoner of Her Own Body

Could you imagine waking up one day and are unable to move? You're still cognitively there, but you cannot move or speak. You can still feel everything around you, but the only way you can communicate is by blinking. It's a terribly frightening thought, right? Well this is exactly what happened to Kate Allatt, our […]

Soup for the Soul, Fish for your Thoughts

You probably already know about the many health benefits of fish and seafood for their coveted omega-3 fats, but did you also know that soup has some health benefits of its own? Soup has been shown to aid weight loss by helping you feel full. Barbara Rolls, PhD, a Professor of Nutrition from Pennsylvania State […]

Not Enough Research for Barefoot Running Conclusion

I recently read an article describing a barefoot runner's stress fracture diagnosis. It's an interesting coincidence that the runner developed a stress fracture soon after wearing his barefoot running shoes. However, there's still no evidence the shoes were the cause. He could have increased his mileage too quickly, or suffered the same injury while in […]

Running Clubs for Kids

An article posted today by the Tulsa World News covered the story behind an elementary school running club. The group of 75-100 students met early before school for their group, “The 101 Mile Club.” These early morning runs have resulted in some students logging 296-362 miles in the school year. I thought this article was […]

Boston Man Proposes via a WalkJogRun Cycling Map

We recently found out about a fan who proposed to his long-term girlfriend by using the WalkJogRun website and his WalkJogRun iPhone app. We were incredibly impressed by his ability to track a cycling route and map the words “marry me.” On April 11th 2011, Adam Kilker, an avid cyclist and tech enthusiast decided to […]

Boston Cyclist Proposes on a Google Map

Adam Kilker proposed to his long-term girlfriend Erica Casale in April 2011 by spelling out, “Marry Me,” on an online cycling map. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 18, 2012 – On April 11th 2011, Kilker, an avid cyclist and tech enthusiast decided to get creative. He visited WalkJogRun.net and mapped out a route to spell […]

73 Year Old Two-Time Boston Marathon Winner

Doris Schertz is a 73 year old grandmother of 15 and mother of six. She began running later in life and finished first in the 70-74 age group of the Boston Marathon…twice! She wanted to try to win first place in her age group this year, but due to an injury she was not able […]

Healthy Turkey Divan

The Kitchen Vixen is our weekly recipe contributor. This week she offers a delicious and healthy turkey casserole recipe! When most of us think of casseroles, we likely think of a high fat dish that contributes to our weight gain around the holidays. The Kitchen Vixen created a healthy casserole with quinoa, turkey and broccoli […]