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Why Do I Have Pain in My Heel When Walking?

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I read your posts on plantar fasciitis and had a question. I started running this year, as I'm a Peace Corps volunteer with limited exercise options. I love it, and got some great running shoes that have me not landing on my heel. I feel great while running. However, when I am walking in other shoes (shoes that had never bothered me before I started running) I have pain in my heel, which can get pretty sharp. Any ideas what this could be? Should I go see my medical officer about it?

Amy H., Peace Corps, Paraguay


From your description, it sounds like the pain could be a stress reaction to the heel and probably needs further evaluation. If shoe modification and stretching does not work and you are not experiencing the worse pain with the first few steps in the morning, this is not typical of plantar fasciitis. It would be a good idea to go see your medical officer for further imaging.

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