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How Can I Deal With Running in Hot Weather?

This is an excerpt from our text chat with Coach Jenny on April 06th. If you have a question you'd like to ask Coach Jenny, click “Ask Coach Jenny” at the bottom of the page. We'll get your question answered during our podcast chat this month!

II find I get really hot while running, even in the winter I rarely wear long sleeves. I'm a bit worried that when it gets warm in the summer I won't cope at all. I have been told by some people to train wearing loads of layers so that my body learns to cope with heat. Would you recommend this or is there something else I should do? -Alison

Hi Alison – your body will adapt to some extent as you progress into the warmer seasons. From there, you can strategize and weave in runs during the coolest times of the day, your quality workouts (speed) inside during the really hot days, and run-walking to allow your body to adequately cool itself. Some find that their summer is their winter (challenge) and they modify their running and racing around the cooler times of the year and maintain and add other activities during the challenging seasons (summer).