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The Community of The Half Fanatics & Marathon Maniacs

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing with four members of the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics. This organization consists a great group of people of all ages who simply love to run. The organization is internet based, and many members meet through Facebook or noticing another member at a race wearing a shirt.

Half Fanatics

  • Heather Zeigler, Marathon Maniac #3086 and Half Fanatic #1343
  • Diane Miller, Half Fanatic #1842
  • Bob Miller, Marathon Maniac #3875 and Half Fanatic #506
  • Abbi Florence, Marathon Maniac #5102, and Half Fanatic #933

If you've never heard of the Marathon Maniacs of the Half Fanatics, you probably don't know what any of these numbers mean. The Marathon Maniacs are a group of people who love to run marathons. The same follows for the Half Fanatics, but they prefer half marathons. Those who are a Marathon Maniac and Half Fanatic, are called double agents. The organization is international, and if you send in your race date information you get assigned a number which shows what number you are within the organization.

It was great getting to talk with these Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs. I was curious about the organization since meeting Bob at the Fox Valley Marathon Expo in 2011. He was there sporting his Half Fanatics jacket. You can see him with us in the photo below.

If you're interested in this group, you should definitely tune in to hear about their sense of community and how they got to know one another. I'd love to join the organization myself, but this would mean I'd have to complete three marathons in 90 days, or two in 16 days to be a Marathon Maniac. If I wanted to be a Half Fanatic I'd have to complete three half marathons in 90 days, or two in 16 days as well.

Tune in

Half Fanatics

Duration: [37:46]

Would you rather become a Half Fanatic, or a Marathon Maniac? Which distance is your favorite?

Half Fanatics

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