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Boston Cyclist Proposes on a Google Map

Adam Kilker proposed to his long-term girlfriend Erica Casale in April 2011 by spelling out, “Marry Me,” on an online cycling map.


– May 18, 2012 –

On April 11th 2011, Kilker, an avid cyclist and tech enthusiast decided to get creative. He visited WalkJogRun.net and mapped out a route to spell out, “Marry Me.” Kilker carried his WalkJogRun iPhone app with him on the 11th of April to be sure he was following the course of the route. Kilker knew the route would be difficult that day.

“The Beacon Hill area of Boston that I choose to write the letters was extremely hilly. It's one of the hilliest parts of Boston by far. According to WalkJogRun, my elevation rose about 125 feet and I went back and forth up that huge hill several times,” said Kilker.

Although the route was only 2.63 miles, Kilker had to dodge traffic, and endure the 75-degree heat while speeding up hills on a one-speed bike. He said he had a blast doing it for one reason, “love.”

A few days later Kilker and Casale went to stay at Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont. Kilker explained to Casale about WalkJogRun, an app he recently found to track his routes.

“I opened up [the app] and showed her some of the cool features and started to tell her about the last time I had used it. Then, while she was staring at the phone saying “Why did you go up this road, and then back down this road, and then around in a circle here?” I got down on one knee and zoomed out for her. She then could read it as it was blatantly obvious that I was proposing to her. She of course said yes and had the biggest smile on her face for quite a long time. The night was perfect!” said Kilker.

When asked about the unique proposal, Erica Casale said, “The proposal was pleasingly overwhelming. It was six years of waiting and it was finally in front of me, perfect, because his proposal using the app was customized and from the heart.”

Kilker and Casale will be wed tomorrow, May 19th. The couple enjoys walking and cycling together.