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Running Clubs for Kids

An article posted today by the Tulsa World News covered the story behind an elementary school running club. The group of 75-100 students met early before school for their group, “The 101 Mile Club.” These early morning runs have resulted in some students logging 296-362 miles in the school year. I thought this article was very fitting since this month is National Physical Exercise and Sports Month.

Mike Mills, Grissom's physical education teacher and a former high school cross-country coach, leads the club with three parent volunteers. He said a club like Grissom's is extremely rare, in part because it's hard to find volunteers willing to wake up and head to school early in the morning.

Mills said getting students out on the track benefits both students and teachers, because children learn most efficiently when they can release their energy.

It's great to see this school taking an initiative to support the health and wellness of students. I definitely agree that these morning runs are likely to help students focus in school since they're able to release extra energy through the exercise.

Many races now offer children's races or “fun runs.” These are a great addition to the racing world, because they help children feel part of the fun. More of these types of groups are springing up throughout the country, making it easier for students to find a group to join.

What steps are your kids' school taking to support physical fitness and exercise?


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