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Runner is No Longer Prisoner of Her Own Body

Could you imagine waking up one day and are unable to move? You're still cognitively there, but you cannot move or speak. You can still feel everything around you, but the only way you can communicate is by blinking. It's a terribly frightening thought, right? Well this is exactly what happened to Kate Allatt, our podcast interviewee of the week, at only 39 years old.

Kate Allatt, a married mother of three, used to run 70 miles per week. In February 2010 she suffered a brainstem stroke, and was shortly after diagnosed with “locked-in” syndrome. Kate did not want to accept her doctors' conclusions that she would never talk, walk, or swallow food again. She decided to fight every day to try to recover. Slowly, she did make a full recovery. For the severity of her injury, Kate is now considered a medical, “miracle.”

Kate described what it was like being “locked-in” for me in her own words:

[It was] like being buried alive. [I] couldn't move anything except one blink no, two yes but felt everything. Imagine staying in same position for 4 hours!

Kate says running is one of the things that really helped her after she began her recovery. Although she isn't running as much as she was before, she continues to make great strides daily.

Adam's cousin, Michelle Wheatley, has also been diagnosed with locked-in syndrome. Unfortunately, she has not yet recovered from the condition. If you'd like to help support Michelle and her care, donations can be made here. All donations will go directly towards Michelle and her family.


Tune in to this episode to hear Kate share her story in her own words.

Duration: [26:11]

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