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Pantry Raid: What Would They Find in Your Kitchen?

I recently read an article in the LA Times Health section about dietician Ruth Frechman doing a pantry raid on a 29 year old woman. It's very important for runners to get adequate nutrients in their diet. Sometimes when you're in a rush, simple meals like Ramen noodles can seem like a lifesaver. However it was quite eye opening to read that eating this way can leave you very low in nutrients. I was glad to see Frechman say frozen vegetables were a good alternative to no vegetables at all. I think we can all relate to fresh produce going rotten too quickly!

From “Pantry Raid” by LA Times

Frechman's assessment is short and blunt: “You're dangerously low in nutrients,” she says. Even though Jacobson is not overweight, her diet consists of too many simple carbs and saturated fats and not enough fruits and vegetables that provide fiber as well as phytonutrients (carotenoids, flavenoids, phenols) that may protect against cancer and heart disease. If fresh produce is too apt to rot in the crisper, canned, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables are good alternatives, she says: They have sufficient vitamins and minerals, and much of the sodium in canned vegetables can be rinsed away.

If a dietician did a pantry raid in your kitchen, what items would they find that may not be the best for you?