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WalkJogRun.net Launches Most Accurate iPhone GPS App for Runners

WalkJogRun.net's iPhone app update was just launched in the App Store today. This update to the WalkJogRun Running app features the most accurate GPS running tracker available for the iPhone, and the most comprehensive iPhone application for runners.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 06, 2012


WalkJogRun.net was founded in 2002, making it the first running routes mapping website. WalkJogRun is dedicated to helping runners reach their goals.

The WalkJogRun Running Routes mobile app, originally released in 2009, quickly became popular for members of the WalkJogRun community on the go. Co-founders Adam Howitt and Jeff Kenny have spent over 600 hours developing the iPhone app update. Their goal was to solve the problem of many running GPS apps not being accurate, and they have done just that. The update was released in the App Store today.

WalkJogRun fans have questioned why previous versions of the WalkJogRun app did not have a GPS tracker. Co-founder and app developer, Adam Howitt, explains how the company came to finally release one today,

“I have a Garmin device and compared to the Garmin, everything else I've used has been so inaccurate. My pace was reporting me running faster than I was, and my distances were recorded as further than they actually were. I couldn't see the point of releasing something that didn't work efficiently or solve this problem. It wouldn't have been something I'd use myself, and WalkJogRun has been built on what I would use daily to make myself a better runner. The last couple of months I've spent hours on the trail thinking about it, and hundreds of hours working on development away from my family. I wouldn't have spent all this time on it if I didn't think it would help the running community. I discovered the key to making a smart GPS app was to think like a runner. That is roughly what we did, and how we solved the problem of inaccuracies. We thought like runners and not just like computer scientists. I am thrilled to say that I will be using this app as my recording device.”

Inaccurate GPS apps can cause race directors to get emails from people, telling them their course was over distance, when really the apps are inaccurate. WalkJogRun believes that to runners, every mile counts. Apps that track runs as over distance create unrealistic expectations about current ability, which can cause a runner to believe they qualify for a certain pace in a race. If they didn't know the apps they were using were inaccurate, they could get injured or believe they didn't run well in a race.

“There is a very real difference in training at what you think is your race pace and then you come to race day and see it is off by as much as a minute per mile in terms of actual pace, which is what most of our competitors are off by. You will think you had a terrible day and be very disappointed when you should be celebrating on race day that you finished the race. You should not have to worry about the fact you didn't perform as well as anticipated because you used an app that mislead you. I wanted to create something that would give people the most accurate feedback about their training to tell them how fast they're going, let them track their routes, and to look back at their progress and know that they actually achieved something,” Howitt said.

In testing for their GPS app, WalkJogRun found that their competitors' apps were inaccurate by a mile or more for every ten ran. They wanted to solve this problem, and created a tracker that is accurate to within 3/100ths of a mile over the same ten mile run.

The app is the only running app that allows runners to run a crowd-sourced route, create routes, track runs with a GPS, follow one of 23 training plans, and add to your training log.

WalkJogRun encourages people to download the app and track it alongside their current favorite iPhone GPS app over a certified course and see the difference for themselves.

The company has just started work on an Android app to offer the same features as this iPhone and iPad update and expects to launch it by the fall.

Please view the iPhone app's promo video here.


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